TIZIANA LA PIANA is an artist from Catania studied at the Art Institute in Catania.

At the beginning of her artistic career she worked as an advertisement graphic designer.

In 2004 she moved to Amsterdam where she started to attend the Northern European artistic milieu introducing her to digital painting and a profound exploration leading her to abandon advertising graphics forever and to devote herself to digital painting.

In 2011 she returns to live in Catania where she embarks on a creative and poetic journey that increasingly pushes her to tell the story of her art scenes of everyday life, experienced daily in the streets of her city.

Her works are characterised by an essential and minimalist modern style with a strong personality and originality.

Tiziana La Piana was among the first Italian artists to explore the potential and innovation of ‘digital art’ producing her works exclusively digitally

The work of art is the pure digital file, that can be registered as NFT (Non Fungible Token) on Blockchain, which encompass authentic and encrypted information creating a unique and original item.

Returning to Sicily

she renovates a historic haberdashery in the centre of Catania and transforms it into her atelier, a true artistic laboratory Here you can see the artist in her work element, the art she created and some artefacts realised on different type surfaces.